Worried About Employee Theft?

Security Guard Companies Myrtle Beach

If you are worried about employee theft, or any other private investigation issues and do not know where to turn try Security Guard Service Myrtle Beach. From Security for your even or premises, to background checks, Security Guard Myrtle Beach can help your peace of mind.

Flammable Chemical Dangers!

Many chemicals are dangerous to ingest, and many others are flammable. A bulk chemical distributor such as Green Chem Industries keeps up to date on safety precautions. As a responsible Chemical Distributor they are careful to work with transporters and warehouses who are up to date in their safety training and certifications.

Secure Rifle Storage

Not all weapons lockers are ugly and obvious. Do some research and you can have a weapons storage system that blends in with your home or work. Whether it’s for 1 or 10, weapons storage does not have to be ugly!

Security Cabinet Basics

Secure Information Storage

Secure storage systems and security cabinets are extremely important in the modern day home and office. First you should consider what you’re going to use these cabinets for. Are you going to hold documents and important assets? Or maybe even your keys? The other accessories you may need to purchase with this security cabinet will also affect your safety. In order to figure out what security cabinets are for and what you may want to know, we’ve created a list of things to look for in your new cabinets.Dasco-4129b


Of course, a security cabinet’s purpose is exactly what it sounds like- to be secure. The purpose of the cabinets are to make sure that whatever you choose to put in these cabinets will be safe and will not be able to be accessed without your permission.


Usual security cabinets are made to be secure, therefore the cabinet needs to be able to withstand many different situations, including attempt of trying to break the security cabinet open. These cabinets are usually made from 1ml to 1.6ml steel, with either grey or beige enamel finishes in order to match most office space. Usually these cabinets are able to be mounted on the wall and sturdy enough to hold its weight.


Aside from the fact that these cabinets are sturdy and solid, they also are always lockable. Most of the time there are cabinets that are either locked with a key or have a mechanical keypad that you can give a special code in order to open. Some cabinets include tracking software so that you can find out who has used your cabinet and when. With manual locking systems, it’s recommended to get signature strips in order to hold someone accountable if anything goes missing.


Most companies grow with time, so in case your company expands; it’s good to know that your cabinets will be able to expand as well. If you aren’t sure how big your company will grow, or if it will, there’s an easy way to get key hook expansions that are panels that can be fitted into the cabinets of your choice.